Online Reviews For Real Estate Agents in 2021

Reviews for real estate agents should be carefully managed. It can play a crucial role in marketing your real estate business. Since the beginning of time information was transferred between people through different mediums such as wall art, speaking, writing. Through information exchanges, we become more informed and can establish trust between people. In today’s high paced society, reviews help consumers make buying decisions. To sum it up, if you make your customers happy they are more likely to refer you to others, thus increasing your business. In contrast, a negative review could paint a bad image of your overall brand. In essence, review management is as important as your lead generation funnel.

Getting good reviews

As a real estate agent, getting the cheapest closing deal for your client is not always enough. Above all, you must provide them an amazing customer journey along the way. This means being responsive to any of their questions and catering your schedule to match theirs as best as possible. Equally important, you should also be able to educate them with patience and clarity in different aspects of real estate. Your clients are giving you their trust in providing them the best possible outcome of their biggest investment. Ultimately, communication is a top priority.

You can’t win them all

From time to time, there will be clients that are just hard to please. Does this mean you have failed them? Of course not. There could be plenty of reasons why they did not give you that stellar review you were hoping for. Maybe they were just in a bad mood at the time of giving a review. Or perhaps there was a miscommunication between the two parties.

Ignoring a negative review can suggest for others that it is true. However, when a negative review has been published, you should always try to respond to it directly. In that case, ask what you could have done better. Keep in mind that the review and your response are published for the world to see. In any event, by responding to it in a professional manner, you are showing your customer service skills. On the whole, show that you are empathetic of their experience and you are willing to improve from the feedback given.

Managing your reviews

There are multiple review platforms out there which include Google, Facebook, and Yelp. As a result managing your reviews from different platforms could get frustrating. Luckily there is the platform, where you can see reviews from multiple mediums. Through the dashboard, you can easily request your clients to give you reviews. You can also follow up with them from a single point. It also has a feature that allows you to share your reviews through social media, email, or embed them directly into your website. Simplifying review management, by having access to multiple platforms at a single point.


Establishing trust between sellers and buyers is key in making a profitable business. Hence, if you make your customers happy they are more likely to refer you to their friends and family. In brief, reviews are essentially the modern way of obtaining referrals, outside of your own friends and family. You should make it a priority in asking for a review after closing a deal with a client. As your customers are your biggest advertisers for your brand. Reviews for real estate agents should be handled with priority and care, just like any other aspect of your business.