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Simple pricing
per month (up to 750$ ad. budget)

- Buyer and Seller Lead Generation
- Google Ads Lead Generation
- Generate Real Estate Leads
- Location Targeting
- Monthly Data Analysis and Reporting
- Customer Support

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Sign up and provide your location and total budget.

Generate Lead

We setup ad strategy and customer nurturing to generate quality real estate leads for you.



We provide you the leads and help you stay in touch with them.

Our customers love what we do

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I’m very satisfied with the experience of working with Leadhornet on few campaigns both on pre-construction and resale homes. Would highly recommend both to the brokerages and individual sales representatives.

Royal LePage Agent, Toronto

"Received very valuable leads in a week, working on converting them now. Very innovative and hands-on."

Remax Agent, Vancouver

"The setup was simple, the support was very prompt and efficient. Focus client groups were targeted very precisely. Ads messaging was fine tuned and leads materialized as of day one."

Google Ads Marketing

We are big on Google Ads(Adwords). This include search, display and retargetting.

Flexible Budget Allocation

You can decide on the amount of ad budget you would like to spend and the location.

Customized for You

We don't use a standard template for your ads. They are created to suit your specific real estate needs.

Unique and Targeted

Your target audience can be from different location or demography. We also don't resell leads, you own them.


We use multiple avenues to get the most quality leads for you.

Data Analysis

We are a data company. We take feedback to improve the quality and quantity of leads.

Customer Experience

Every real estate agent/brokerage is different. We work with you to provide the best quality leads and follow up system.

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