Comparing the 4 Best Solution for Real Estate Leads in 2021

Lead Generation is defined as the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business's products or services. It serves as one of the most effective ways to get clients from all over the internet. It can go deeper with demographics to target a specific market.

When a business or organization needs a Lead Generation specialist in order to help reach out with their campaigns, there are a lot of considerations that need to be looked into before getting the service. Unfortunately, many have been deceived by the false promises and the financial burden by a company or individual offering lead generation service.

This blog will do its best to shed light on the breakdown of pain points of the respective services you might currently have as well as showing you the best option there is available so far.

There are 4 main service providers that have been largely utilized by companies to generate leads, hoping it will do greater good to them. These are;

  1. In-house atmosphere, 
  2. Freelance basis, 
  3. Agency utilization, or 
  4. Other external services.

Let's discuss each one of them laying down all the factors that need careful attention to know if what you currently have or planning to have gives you the most experience.

In-House Expenses

In-house lead generation expenses include the salary of the employee, as well as employer-to-employee benefits, and office space. The total amount of anticipated monthly expenses depend on whether the organization intends to fill the position as a junior level or senior level Lead Generation specialist, which comes with different negotiated terms. 

Before considering salary, it is important to cover operational and overhead expenses, such as website applications, software licensing, office management (supplies, space, furniture, and office perks). These fees fluctuate depending on the need per month. Before any candidate is even considered for an in-house position, employers can expect to spend more than a thousand every month. 

On average, the base salary of a junior lead generation specialist is $4,027 per month. A senior position, on the other hand, expects a monthly salary of at least $5,429.25. Additionally, to be viewed as competitive, the organization should be prepared to offer benefits to an in-house lead generation role. Typical benefits include bonuses, 401(k) investment opportunity, health care benefits, PTO (paid time off), and pension. These benefits cost employers approximately $8,147.35. Lead Generation Specialist with special experience or credentials will negotiate for higher salaries and benefit options. 

While there are some benefits to an in-house Lead Generation specialist such as clear team focus and efforts and easy access to resources, it comes at an extremely high financial risk. On top of that, there is also a question about the quality they produce, because they don’t usually focus on one task but doing multiple tasks at the same time.


A freelance lead generation specialist is a person who is not associated with the business but agrees to take on the organization’s work on a requirement basis. They can be hired through many online platforms, which brings the first concern -  the legitimacy of the lead generation specialist. Since the hiring process is done virtually, you cannot really be assured of the authenticity of its claimed experiences and portfolio. This might cause trouble as you proceed with the tasks because the knowledge isn't there.

Subsequently, freelancers provide a bit more financial relief to employers because they do not require office expenses; they use their equipment and resources. They are hired at a set rate. A freelancer’s compensation is less than the in-house personnel every month. But the rate will still depend on the level of expertise and experience of the freelancer. 

Although you might have the impression that a freelancer is the best option, however, you must take into consideration the nature of its services. Freelancers usually take on multiple clients at the same time; thus, the focus and attention to the work might be affected. Furthermore, freelancers don’t have enough data to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency.


Lead Generation Specialists hired through an agency is distinguished by junior and senior level. Relatively, junior specialists expect an average salary of $3,919 per month, while top specialists can negotiate a salary of at least $4,350 per month.

Agency services carry the same risk as in-house lead generation specialists- extreme financial it also entails a binding contract that might sometimes be troublesome for your business. Although some may think that agencies help in speeding up the hiring process. However, there will be a rise of concern as to the ability of the specialist hired through an agency this is because the company HR doesn't have a direct assessment as to the experience and expertise of the personnel. This causes most of the wrong job-fit which will then be requested to be replaced and another waiting time will be spent. In this type of hiring process, it does not ensure the quality of the personnel it gives and sometimes adding more days to the vacancy and the pilling-up of workload it needs to perform. 

For this reason, companies will not only waste time in the process but as well as effort and resources.

External Service

Lead Hornet is an external service company that provides lead generation services and are just as skilled and more of an expert than the other services. This is due to its smart access data which is the baseline of every lead generation strategy. This ensures quality output in terms of getting the right leads by setting up the right demographics. Lead hornet also has a reputable experience in the field of lead generation focusing on the real estate industry. 

Given that fact, their focus and attention on your lead generation task can never be disturbed by any other factor, since it only specializes in one niche. This ensures the quality it gives in terms of targets and the right measures.

Lead Hornet will give you the best experience at an affordable price of $600, this will be broken down into ads and service fee. For the Ads, Lead Hornet will spend $450 to get the needed traffic the other $150 will serve as the service fee.

Given these numbers, you can tell which service provides no financial risk and quality performance.


To some extent, there are benefits that each in-house lead generation specialist, freelancers, and the agency hired lead generation specialist. However, it doesn’t give business owners to the full extent of the service without too many financial risks. Added to that, employers tenure cannot be ensured, at some point, their needs will change and if the company cannot meet those it'll be their reason to leave and that will give companies two options, 

1. Increase their salary and spend more money.

2. Let go of them but get back to square one of the hiring process.

Either of which doesn't lead to a good company standing. On the other hand, external services eliminate all those failures. It can stay and work for the company for as long as needed to be. 

One thing to look into is whether or not the company you are considering actually does any work for you. Look for companies that specialize in a specific niche in order to make sure that they can meet your needs. For example, if you're looking for a company to provide technical support services, you need to find a company that specializes in that. It doesn't matter how big or small your business may be, there is likely a company out there that can help you out. Another advantage is finding companies that have built up their customer base and experience. This will prove to be invaluable when it comes time to finding a company to help you get your work done.

These are just a few of the advantages that Leadhornet has. While there are plenty of advantages to take into consideration, it's important to take a step back and consider what is best for your business and your bottom line. 

Lead Hornet raises the bar from the other services. In comparison, the company uses smart access data that keeps a good track record in giving quality leads. The expertise and experience in this field have been proven effective and efficient so the expenses you've made will turn into assets for your business.

If you're ready to take on this journey with us, click the link below to get started.